Consultation on CBSA's National Immigration Detention Framework

The Government of Canada believes that it is important for Canadians to be informed and engaged on Canada's immigration detention system.

As part of the Government's commitment to openness and transparency as well as to create a better, fairer immigration detention system for the humane and dignified treatment of individuals while upholding public safety, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is consulting Canadians on key elements of the National Immigration Detention Framework (NIDF) to ensure it reflects Canadian values.


This public consultation will help inform future changes to Canada's immigration detention program and ensure that the NIDF is effective in keeping Canadians safe, while also safeguarding our values in a free and democratic society.


All Canadians are invited and encouraged to participate. We want to hear from all Canadians who are interested in improving government policy related to immigration detention.


This broad, public engagement consists of an online consultation focusing on 4 key topics:

A summary report provides background information on the CBSA, Canada's immigration detention program, the NIDF and information on the consultation topics as well as a summary of the input received from key stakeholders to date. Roundtables with key immigration detention stakeholders were held across Canada between August and December 2016.

Past Events

Date Location
August 25, 2016 Stakeholder Consultation (Ottawa)
September 12-15, 21, 2016 Stakeholder Consultation (Vancouver)
September 26, 2016 Stakeholder Consultation (Ottawa)
September 28-30, 2016 Stakeholder Consultation (Montreal)
October 11-14, 2016 Stakeholder Consultation (Toronto)
October 18, 2016 Stakeholder Consultation (Ottawa)
October 26, 2016 Stakeholder Consultation (Edmonton)
October 27, 2016 Stakeholder Consultation (Regina)
October 28, 2016 Stakeholder Consultation (Winnipeg)
November 2, 2016 Stakeholder Consultation (Toronto)
November 25, 2016 Stakeholder Consultation (Montreal)
December 13-14, 2016 Stakeholder Consultation (Ottawa)

How to Participate

The Consultation period is open until May 22, 2017.

  1. Online: Read the summary report and complete the questionnaire
  2. You may submit your general comments:

Next steps

All comments received will be reviewed and a summary of the results will be posted online.

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